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This will seem ridiculous to many people, but it's . It wasn't Kade's table and he didn't know anybody there.

I watched Kade try as hard as he could to mooch, watched him take a few pictures with celebrities and the table, and then he was gone from that section in the bar.""Nobody gave a shit about the VMA after-parties.

****UPDATED**** I added what Cock Gobbler added to the end of his previous entry (left it in black) and uploaded his pictures. Now that Arthur Kade and “The Journey” have begun to cross into the mainstream consciousness of the global Gen Pop, one of the amazing things that comes with becoming a HUGE name in “The Biz” is that people want to see how you are changing it, and doing things that have never been done before.

Dude actually took a picture of the sink in the men's room. Looking at the pictures of his family I see that IMG Media is looking to do a reality show or a re-make of The Addams Family or The Munsters. My blog has been a perfect example of people becoming obsessed with “The Journey” and every little thing that I am doing (Hair Color, Auditions, Dating, Acting Classes, etc.), and every move that I am making, and more importantly how one young man can take all of his physical and mental gifts, and translate them into such a perfect example of drive and success.

It's no surprise that Arthur lies, and lies a lot, to present a view of himself that just isn't real.

"In other words, people dumb enough to spend money on the bottle service model - a total tourist, bridge-and-tunnel trick."The whole nightclub scene in NYC has changed dramatically in the past few years, moving away from an emphasis on bottle service to a more casual atmosphere, but tighter door policies and access.The voices in his head are really fucking with him now.More from the twisted and tormented mind of soulless fame whore Arthur Kadyshes...Our goal is to create something that has never been done before, and will be rev and for television and incorporate all of the amazing aspects that are Arthur Kade and will (I may bring down National Work Productivity, and potentially hurt company’s stock prices because all they will want to do is watch me on TV), and obviously The Brand has grown to the point that a company of their magnitude, reputation, and size wants to work with Arthur Kade.I had the choice to work with almost any company that I wanted to in “The Biz”, and chose the Mega-Force that is IMG Media, because they work with “A-List” talent and ideas, and understood the value and message of what I am trying to bring to “The Biz”, and the direction that I am trying to do it in finding “Little Oscar”.

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