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Does she still keep in touch with any of her cast members? Fun Fact: In case you didn't know, there was a mini .

Patricia and Tim worked together on a few episodes according to IMDB. There are no plans to do a reunion show at this point. Of course, we're missing Earl and that would make us all sad." So sad! Well, they had this horse backstage, and we couldn't get it on the scene because we couldn't stop it from having an erection (it was ENORMOUS). I went into story meetings with Tim after every read through and before every season and worked with the writers on many of the stories.

We've got the highlights, and, of course, the dish on what JTT has been up to since we all had his poster in our locker. Richardson told Redditors, "I think that it was very fortunate that Jonathan is so smart and well balanced." According to Richardson, he was very aware of the pitfalls of his situation.

Granted, it's safe to say Jonathan Taylor Thomas has not lost touch with his Tiger Beat self. (and playing with himself), Fishman has continued to pursue acting, with roles in the 2001 film "A.(Josh Saviano) For the Sweeten siblings, being cast as the Barone children Ali, Geoffrey, and Michael, on the CBS smash "Everybody Loves Raymond," gave them the chance to show off their family chemistry and talents to audiences around the world.Since those days Madylin has worked on several projects, including the films "Eagle Eye" and the soon to be released, S"pare Change," while her twin brothers have kept a lower profile out of the spotlight.Nowadays they are having a lot of troubling finding that." Amen!What would you ask Patricia Richardson if you had the chance?

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(Michael Kovac via Getty Images) As little Roger Evans on Sister, Sister, Houston’s hormones were always on overdrive when it came to his fondness for Tia and Tamera.

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