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Their first few attempts at therapy aren’t particularly successful.

And even when something is potentially handed to her, like the "Sandee Says" website job, Rory doesn't bother to do the work to back it up.They were all teens (and young adults) on the show, so of course they were all bound to make plenty of mistakes, and they did. And this also isn’t to say that I totally hate Jess, because I still enjoy him to an extent.But of all of Rory’s beaus, I find him to be the most toxic, borderline-abusive jerk of them all.Kim and the return of Francie, Doyle, Headmaster Charleston and Chilton.And that was just all the call-backs and fan service. Now that it has established where our Gilmores are in their lives, the revival spends time figuring out what, exactly, our ladies really want and need to be happy. For Lorelai, finding happiness means confronting the feelings she’s suppressing, about her mother, about the Dragonfly and about her relationship with Luke.

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