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Hannity gives Moore ‘24 hours’ to clear up sex misconduct claims “Ali’s from Canada. “I don’t know where you’re going with this, Trenton,” Velshi said.Jeff Sessions says he has 'no reason to doubt' Roy Moore accusers Five women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct while they were in their teens and he was in his 30s.

Trenton Garmon, the Alabama Republican’s lawyer, made the remark about host Ali Velshi when asked about Moore’s vague statements on the alleged relationships.

The man’s role is generally to be established and someone who provides the full income,” said Easter, who runs the Courage Conference for survivors of church sexual abuse. While a woman of 15 or 16, if she’s been trained for a long time looking after her younger siblings, in their eyes she might be ready for marriage.” The culture of courting that Easter and Brightbill described is one limited mostly to fundamentalist religious communities, including certain Christian groups and those of other religions, such as some Orthodox Jewish or Mormon communities.

For most evangelical Christians, relationships between older men and teenage girls are viewed as wholly inappropriate.

That’s when all states changed their laws so the minimum marital ages were the same for men and women.

Previously, women were allowed to marry younger than men; in some states, men as old as 21 needed parental permission to marry.

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His suddenly irritated co-host asked Garmon what being Canadian had to do with dating underaged women.

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