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Hopefully Kaspersky will be able to help resolve the issue for you. Instead, I do monthly on-demand quick scans using my paid Anti-Virus program, as well as a few free Anti-Malware programs.

I think monthly, or maybe weekly, would be enough so long as the user is practicing safe surfing habits.

Lentin on the lose KAV's Latest update: , 61361 records.(this is even later than what I initially posted)Viruses: Backdoor.

I don't do daily scans, it's set to scan every week.

It downloads updates and installs them with no problems. The longest I've let it go for was about 16 days and it still doesn't scan.

Hi Carey7090 I personally have never used Kaspersky, so I'm sorry that I can't be much help.

It never runs the scan at the selected date or time.

I've changed it in the past before, still it doesn't run.

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It wont eat up as much ram as norton, and never causes system problems or memory leaks.

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