Justin timberlake dating jessica alba

What makes this more meaningful to the list is that we all know that Hudson was key to Alex Rodriguez's success that won both him and Jeter the 2009 World Series.

The fact that A Rod could have been getting Timberlake's "sloppy seconds" is an added bonus for him and Jeter. Much is being said now about Timberlake breaking it off with Jessica Biel and whether or not that Mila Kunis or Rihanna had anything to do with it.

"Dating Justin is a big part of her appeal, but the work does have to speak for itself." To Biel’s credit, she has tried to stretch, taking the lead role in David O. All but finished, it was shut down in 2008 due to lack of funds with only a day’s worth of shooting left to go. Russell, in an interview over the summer, referred to it as "stillbirth," and perhaps that’s for the best now: In Nailed, she plays a woman without health insurance who is driven to nymphomania after being shot in the head with a nail gun by a clumsy workman.Peers: The 30-year-old Biel recalls her pal Jennifer Garner (40) — both are pretty actresses with famous husbands who exude an upbeat-but-determined vibe — but she's not quite in Garner's tier when it comes to the work.She's more likely to be grouped with Jessica Alba (31), who's also been limited to love-interest roles, as well as actresses like Olivia Wilde (28) and hair-tossing action ingenues like Kate Beckinsale (39) and Milla Jovovich (36). What Hollywood Thinks: "She’s beautiful and hardy, but she hasn’t proven that she’s a real actor," says one top talent agent, adding, "Her claim to fame of late is that she married Justin Timberlake.Looks like Jeter is the ultimate winner because he got to Alba first and gets to spend his money instead of being named after it.Man, remember how groundbreaking this news was at the time?

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She then came under public fire because she supposedly contributed with breaking apart Lachey and then wife Jessica Simpson.

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