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Backstage from the aftershow, a MTV publicist said she'd squeeze in a few minutes for me to chat via telephone with the lovebirds. I've only had two loves of my life and then there's been a whole dating montage. I got to know Kristin and we clicked in that way and it ended up working out on the show. In the approximately two minutes I got to chat with her before the phone was yanked away by a publicist, she got defensive about the show's supposed reality.

First up was Justin Bobby, and I wanted to try to find out if his relationship with Kristin was even remotely legitimate: Are you and Kristin in a romantic relationship? When we met, it was just kind of nice, and personally for me to be on the show and conversate with somebody I haven't yet on the show. In earlier seasons, you seemed to have an aversion to the whole reality-TV thing -- this season, you were at the center of most of the episodes. It's who you surround yourself with, and when you surround yourself with people who are energetic and all talk about work and business, it got me a little bit more comfortable. I'll hear about it and if I hear about it, I don't want to be near it. And, she said, she didn't necessarily get down with either Brody or Justin this season.

You and Jayde got into a fight at a nightclub and Brody left with you. But I don't know what scene you're talking about.

Discuss in the comments, and check back next season for more on the stars of the reality show we hate to love.As we reported earlier this month, the two reached an amicable agreement on how they'll coparent their one-year-old daughter.[, their settlement laid out the terms on how they'll be interacting to coparent their one-year-old daughter, Kirra Max.Then came Justin, sporting a James Dean-esque look complete with a black pea coat, cowl-neck sweater and permanent pout. I'm working with a band I've been with for seven or eight years. After about five minutes, he said he had to cut things short because he had to go on stage.Despite the network's proclamation about pair's newfound relationship, Justin and Kristin didn't look anything like a couple on stage. I kind of ran my course with it and I'm in the midst of opening up a little salon with a good friend of mine in Orange County. I was doing Victoria's Secret shows and working with some musicians. I didn't get the chance to grill him more about his impromptu Vegas trip and what exactly has transpired with Audrina over the past four years.

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After only one season as the star of "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari has retired her wild antics and reined in resident bad boy Justin Bobby.

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