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S'il vous plaît écrivez-moi sur mon adresse que je vous ai envoyé maintenant parce que je ne suis pas abonné au site.

J'aime beaucoup votre pays et j'aimerais m'installer...

But we are back for a little fun conversation about some of our favorite holiday traditions, but you know of course we will ramble on and get completely off track and have a discussion that has nothing to do with that.

Its a weird one for sure ...…Hey we are back and ready to talk with you guys again! Just want to let you know we had a little bit of technical difficulties when it came to one of the mic's so please be forgiving on our first day back.

Meal is so happy to finally be reunited and exvited to get back down to ...…Whelp guys here it is "Episode 14" and its just Allie flying solo today!

She talks about her crazy life for the past two weeks and answers some questions you guys sent in.

So this episode is definitely a little more serious than most but its something we have been wanting to discuss for sometime.

We also wanted to address a topic we get asked about quite frequently so listen up and listen good to this one guys.Bare with her because shes a rambler but its definitely one to tune it to.Be sure to be here next week for the reuniting of thr true MEAL UNCENSORED where Melissa and Allie ...…So on this episode special guest Charles Trippy hangs out with me (Suiggs aka Allie) and we chat up about our awesome trip to Mexico and all that we did along with the CTFx C turning 7 years old tomorrow. Stick around because we have a lot of interesting things discussed on this episode!We embarrass ourselves by letting it all out and telling you guys what we went through!So guys this was out a little later than usual but ohhh well! We unfortunately had one microphone to work with and deeply apologize if the sound is a little fuzzy. What lif is like for a Youtuber, life on the internet, how it has changed our lives and some much deeper questions. Stick around because this is one episode that is all over the place!

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This episode talks a little bit about what's going on with Melissa and Phil and why they choose to discuss whats going on in their relationship. On this episode Mel and I discuss ideas on what to do for your significant other, what NOT to do's and a few little Valentine ideas we did on our own. So this episode my rad little sister sat in Melissa's place and we talked about Marriage (as she just hit her two year anniversary) and all that comes with it. …Step dad Phil and Charles join us this week as we have a few little questions we ask each couple about what they like and dislike about one another. Hope everyone had an amazing holiday and a Happy New Year! So the infamous christmas day is fast approaching and the act of giving will be everywhere.

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