Dating site for cancer survivors

I already recruited my friend Lori, and although I’m pretty sure our practice session will end up in fits of laughter, because that seems to be how all our time is spent together, I know it will be helpful.

I look forward to finding out what the world of dating has in store for me.

As Zmuda suggested, it is a matter of meeting the right person…cliché, I know.

It is encouraging to read Rosenthal’s story about dating with cancer and to learn that she found hers, and when she did, he “released the pressure valve on four years of dating angst”…and this was only one and a half dates into their relationship!

Since my group doesn’t meet for several more weeks, I delved into the world of on-line cancer support.

Well after the shock, and after a stem cell transplant, I am an 8 yr survivor!! I think we should write the acs and make suggestions...u see Kristin is sponsoring a chat room for young single cancer survivors on 3/8 at 4pm and 9pm wanted to clarify that the young survivors chat is not a singles chat..for all young survivors and we will discuss and help eachother with problems and just talk but its not related to singles yes some users who come in are single some are not... I find dating, relationships, and finding a mate very difficult. I'm on there, have had some really great discussions and sharing.

But I have a little short term memory so having a hard time finding a real job and a serious relationship!!! but I wanted to clear up the misconception...young survivor chats are for all young survivors.... Kristin understood the chat rooms are not a dating service, however, I understand what wolf is trying to finding it hard and is looking for a group of people her age to discuss the matter; I dont see nothing wrong with entering a chat room or discussion group with an intent to give your support and opinion as well as perhaps really meeting someone from that support and getting to know him or her in a whole different aspect...i dont believe anyone can control two people bonding... I think a dating service for survivors like you and I would be great. You'll definitely find it has some depth, not a typical online dating site. I am a single mother of a a 26yr old, a 13yr old and a 10yr old.

What if that person cannot even have children as a result of cancer treatment? No one has the luxury (or the woe, depending on how you look at it) of knowing how long they will live.

Perhaps adoption is an option for them, but it is not a necessity for you. I absolutely do not blame anyone for not wanting to date a cancer survivor. Cancer patients, however, know how it feels to face the possibility of death, and many patients emerge from treatment with a new outlook.

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