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The more you get busy doing other things..more you are unavailable to him..more mysterious you are in his eyes..more likely you'll wrap him around your little finger.

You have just got to stop worrying about stuff like this and continue on with your life.

Read this article on different kinds of open relationship.

Try not to overload him with emotions, particularly with drama and negativity. This is why it is so important for a woman to KEEP her friends and girlfriends and not to give up them all after entering a relationship. They need things to be explicitly discussed or explained.If you hope to attract him sexually and keep him “hooked” – this probably will not work.As a solution, you may consider having an open relationship. On the other hand, a man will approach you most of the time if (and when) he is under sufficient influence of alcohol. FACT #2Men who DO GET IT are living in abundance of women and are not inclined to give up their freedom and enter in any serious monogamous relationship. (This, by the way, is one thing that makes attractive men RUN.)You DO NOT disclose if you have any other men in your (sex-) life but you make it clear that you may consider having a non-obliging, friendly, mutually pleasurable relationship with him. They are not used to meeting free and open-minded females. That is why when you use usual "humble" ways of attracting a man in public place such as accidental touching his shoulder while passing by or asking him for a lighter – they just DON’T WORK in most cases. No dating- or relationship advice in the world was able to make them move.

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