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If you're working with multiple sheets, screen refresh can slow you down and distract your user. Screen Updating = False at the top of your routine and it will freeze screen updating until all your code has stopped executing.Similarly, you can suspend auto-recalculation with Application.This is pretty well known stuff so I'll keep it brief. Use them only when you have to or when it doesn't matter.Ideally, use integers or booleans wherever possible, followed by long, single and double. Now you won't believe the next part if you haven't seen it already.When working in VBA, the trick is to read/write data in chunks. Then we read the next batch of 125 records, and so on, until we hit empty cells.

Equally, if you use VBA to read in lots of cells to memory, or write lots of data back to cells, it can be real slow. We read in 125 records at once (that's 125x20 = 2500 cells) into an array, then looped through and calculated the 14 output cells for each of these records, and stored them in a memory array.Allowing ample time for each patient allows us to treat every individual's needs specifically.Part of our commitment to serving our patients at Family Smile Center in Manchester, CT, includes providing as much information as we can.We are just off of I-84 and 384 to make it convenient for you to get to us., is proud to serve Manchester, CT and surrounding communities with many services including Dental Exams, Cleanings, X-rays, Fluoride, Dental Makeovers, Teeth Whitening, Veneers & Crowns.

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