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The operator may take small samples (biopsies) of some parts of the inside lining of the colon - depending on why the test is done. The biopsy samples are sent to the laboratory for testing and to be looked at under the microscope.

Also, it is possible to remove polyps, which may be found, with an instrument attached to a colonoscope.

(Polyps are small lumps of tissue which hang from the inside lining of the colon.) At the end of the procedure the colonoscope is gently pulled out. However, you should allow at least two hours for the whole appointment to prepare, give time for the sedative to work, for the colonoscopy itself and to recover.

A colonoscopy does not usually hurt but it can be a little uncomfortable, particularly when the colonoscope is first passed into the anus.

The air may also make you feel bloated, cause some mild 'wind pains', and may cause you to pass wind.

This is normal and there is no need to be embarrassed, as the operator will expect this to happen.

The unassuming black display box contains three gourmet chocolate sphincters, each one carefully cast from the immaculate (well, we think it looks pretty tidy) anus of a kind, female stranger.

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The sedative can make you drowsy but it does not put you to sleep. The operator can look down the colonoscope and inspect the lining of the colon.

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