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The chat and the message boards provide a link between kids who share the problems and they let them know that they are not alone. This site has helped so many people and has the ability to continue to do so. what you should do is get a special plastic sheet, drink less in the evening and go to the toilet before you go to bed and if you get the slightest feeling of you needing the toilet just go.

i understand the issue the site has been having with teen babys and diaper lovers but this can be solved simply by clicking the ignore button on the chat. I am 13 and had been bedwetting for ages in the predecesing years and i just did what my guidence is and then stopped when i was 11! ) it was difficult but having diapers would just make the problem carry on and more difficult to stop waking up with wet sheets pushes you to stop and there you go!

I dont like to wear them but I rather have a diaper then wet pants all the time.

I know there are others with the same problem as me and some are real bed wetters.

It is difficult to discern the true bedwetters from the diaper lovers.

In order to be "cured" of bedwetting a child must awaken at night, either by an alarm or by the sensation of a full bladder. Over time the child learns to hold his/her urine at night and either sleeps through the night or gets up and use the toilet, i.e. But a poll on our site revealed that most kids would rather sleep and wet in a diaper, than get up at night and use the toilet.

This is in spite of the fact that 85% of pediatricians recommend AGAINST using diapers for bedwetting, believing that diapers "give the wrong message, that it is okay to wet at night and not get up and use the toilet, which tends to prolong wetting." (Seminar on Bedwetting, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003).

Thank you for reading, -Sam 14 ---------------------I was wondering why the Big Kids Express Chat and the message boards have been shut down. diapers are definatly the wrong way to go on bedwetting, especially for older's demorilising and embarrising to wear diapers at night.We have tried to automatically block diaper words on the bulletin boards and in the chat rooms, but diaper users quickly find ways around the blocks.Even if Wetbusters did have the resources to fully moderate the boards and chat rooms, providing simply a forum for diaper users was never the site's purpose.i havent ben on in almost a month,, so i dont know when you shut the site, well i shoudl say,, that part down,, i admit i do use diapers, and my brothers do to,, and we got to comfy with just wetting and changing in morning, we said to are selves, this aint going to cure us, so now we get up and go,, dont even use diapers at night much any more,, just on thos of late night or when we drink a lot, for ex.,.4th of july party, b days etc ps,, do you plan on re openign it,, or will i have to find a nother chat site?

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I never talk to anyone that had a real wetting problem that like to wear diapers so maybe the website was a good place for us to talk to other with the weting problems.

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